Eritrea Music – Tigre music star Aklilu Mebrahtu sings “AyniKi Kitseyo” from Asmara, Eritrea (Tigrigna Music) . Eritrea is located in NE. Africa. (Africa Music)

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  • mehariab 6 years ago

    እቲ ሰራም ዓይንኺ ከመይ ጸጊቡ
    ኣደብ ዘይገ..ብር ክብረቱ ኣኪቡ
    ሕሉፍ ሓሊፍዎ ሸረፍ ኣጻዊዱ
    ምውስዋስ ኣብዩኒ ብፍቕሪ ጸሚዱ
    ቦሸቦሽ ፈጢሩለይ እንታይከ ሓዲጉ
    ኣስትዩኒ ሕንዙ ኣፈይ ኣመንጊጉ
    ልበይ ወሲድዎ ከም ውሕጅ ባሕጊጉ
    ቀልበይዉን ለኪምዎካብ ውሽጠይ ጋሕጊሑ

  • milen1979 6 years ago

    rico shikor i do remmber u.that cool group.u,musse,feven kibrom,christian… i used to come to mocambo we were 3 friends.i left eri in 2004 with my friend yodit.i wander where u r now.

  • robel747 6 years ago

    I like this music, a lot of woman need to listen this song.

  • recioasmarina 6 years ago

    hey milen 1979, rico and all ze group are steel in asmara shikor…. ane gn……….
    bless my people

  • Lulya08 6 years ago

    Love it! Love it! You rock! Thanks!

  • Beat3Two4 6 years ago

    I loove this song!!!!!

  • fihira007 6 years ago

    bitami tsobok yekeniyelna aklilu ajoka

  • NatKingCole46 6 years ago

    ረብሓ ዓሌትና ንጸላእትና ክንህቦም ሕጂ ክንገድፎ ኣለና።

  • shikorinatewelde 6 years ago

    this boy is a sweetheart…soo addorable how he sings the song. best of all

  • MrBeyono 6 years ago

    you have a good voice ty

  • nega87 6 years ago

    da gual is amaizing..nice music too..saying hello to all by the way from sweden.

  • anedoane 5 years ago

    Aklilu is a young Eritrean star…he sings all, tigre, tigrinya, arabic, bilen…right on bro!…keep it up bro!

  • ilcova 5 years ago

    keep it up sweet!!!

  • melaher 5 years ago

    the girl is scary but i like da music

  • yosief206 5 years ago

    His Tigre right?

  • lidusweety 5 years ago

    god jobb bro i like ur song

  • Massawachick 5 years ago

    He’s so handsome. I love his voice. shukran habibi.

    Next generation Eritrean singers are so talented.

  • kaanele 5 years ago

    ohhhh he is so cute boy!!! ouais t’es trop mignon mec surtoute les yeux!!!

  • gejeret100 5 years ago

    Akile Shikorina you are so cute……

  • eagles2727 5 years ago

    love the song..even sexy chick….god bless my country ERitrea

  • tangerine4583 4 years ago

    beautiful girl!

  • tangerine4583 4 years ago

    beautiful girl!!!!

  • fekri5555 4 years ago

    this song remain me my ex boyfriend
    love it

  • ambesawedi 4 years ago

    he sings with some real feeling, soothing stuff

  • HASSEN964 3 years ago

    thank you i love it