This song called “Timhirti” which translates to the word “education” is sung by Eritrean kids in Eritrea from a cassette released in 1997. Enjoy and learn!

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  • nyatt703 3 years ago

    I was waiting for this song :) thank you for uploading it hade1hade

  • EreChiwa 3 years ago

    “timhirti” is education and not school. the world for school is “biet timhirti”

  • hade1hade 3 years ago

    @EreChiwa thanks for correction

  • hade1hade 3 years ago

    @nyatt703 your welcome !

  • kokobsemai 3 years ago

    yaaay…thanks for uploading

  • awloawlo 3 years ago

    thanks hade1hade for refreshing our memory, we were raised listening this type of songs.

  • FakkerBozz 3 years ago

    haha shukors

  • feruth200 3 years ago

    this song one my Favorited song n i enjoyed on my life i heard it when i was 4 years old

  • tafenegus 3 years ago

    ማማ ትሓጎሲ
    ባባ ተሓጎስ…………….
    ትምህርቲ ንፍዐ ቀዳማይ ወጺአ……

  • yaya2006 3 years ago

    My God!!!! Timhirti !!!! We have the entire video on VCR and we got it 1997 all the way from Eritrea, and it is by far the most memorable moments when my kids were growing up ,even some of them we not even born lol, Thank you to my cool friend for posting it on youtube.