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  • alexzxander2 8 years ago

    WTF? a don’t understand a shit =)))))

  • TheAmura 8 years ago

    lolz, don’t get it… obviously.

  • funnyarab 8 years ago

    that was hilarious!!…..wait….what did they say?

  • aradagirl20 8 years ago

    lol, kinchew yetale bila kuch ere endim yaregal leka kizet

  • 1He2Me 8 years ago

    kkkkkkkkkkk kinche fitoch…betam yasikal…part 2 yelewum ende…thanks for posting it

  • josephgessese 8 years ago

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  • afrohot 8 years ago

    its good comedy. keep it up.

  • josephgessese 8 years ago

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  • ethioabel 7 years ago

    what do u mean its good its boring as fuck are u single

  • mirotube1975 7 years ago

    lezzzez ale

  • mesfinZ 7 years ago

    Very boring,

  • yared2L 7 years ago

    funny ahhhhhhhhaa kkkkkkkkkkkkk yall” kip up

  • ethi4ever 7 years ago

    wat a funny clip ,nicly done.

  • tensaye123 7 years ago

    hey other people might think it’s funny

  • rekiksimeane 7 years ago

    yesaw tabaye eko kesedet amet bauala new yemetawakew!!!!!!!!!!!!
    weeeee and kenchew yetale? OMG it’s so funnny.

  • azebte2008 6 years ago

    heheh sewo tagagelalachewo but i like’t heheh funny

  • joshuaethiopia 6 years ago

    I wach thous drama in Ethiopia.

  • acrophobicper 6 years ago

    lol ..funny comedy,but the guy has received Jesus and he`s quite busy doing God`s work at the moment and he`s acting in Rohobot art ministries.His acting in movies especially…” yetslmet teguaj” is awesome.

  • elenitino 6 years ago

    lol… moteh sew litgel new lmao….

  • SuperYene 5 years ago

    He has a good talenet, could some one telling me Is he the guy made an acting in the religious song?

  • atatatelu 3 years ago

    taddese mean nekah? begeta

  • absontomson 3 years ago

    looks good? not really.