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  • jaceelowe 6 years ago

    nice song  i really like it

  • haytgirl 6 years ago

    omg this song reminds me of ethiopia
    i miss u!!!!!!!

  • demaza1 6 years ago

    man i miss this song

  • abeba100 5 years ago

    nice one

  • niko007it 5 years ago

    its a nice vidio rimember in ethiopia

  • finksay 5 years ago

    what is wrong with everybody. u r trying very hard to make it likable song . this is awful. leza yata zefen. oh my god . what is is tilahun gone to say. this is so bad.

  • sehay2 5 years ago

    Very deep and beautiful music.
    It is true “Sidet” , separation leads to broken heart. How could we be happy & fullfilled with broken heart. At least we are reaching the point why & how we are suffering from leaving our country. If we work towards eradicating poverity we have a chance to save ourselves.
    Nice muisc. Thanks

    As long as we are not seeing “Sidet” as a glamour we can work towards it to stop it.

  • geeswun 5 years ago

    kkkkkkkkkkk waraaa heestan caadi mahan yaah ?

    this song was played on the van i was on our way to the airport it was my first time ever since i cant get out of my head ..

    ethiopians all the way … from a somalian fellow some were on the PLANET lol

  • emushea 4 years ago

    I Like this song.

  • samggjudy7 4 years ago

    He thinks as if immigration, being a refugee, or an exile, is better than being in a poverty ridden country! look at that video again? what looks poor about him or her? this kind of shit is making the country even more poor…besides, I am sure he has never been out of Ethiopia,hmmm…something to think about…

  • xobbee 4 years ago


  • Nafiadi 4 years ago

    He looks like Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, scary.

  • 0910426703 4 years ago

    one of my favorite song good job gedi

  • ethiish 3 years ago

    getemu des yelal gen lijetua alebabesu sideber

  • getamesayasnake 3 years ago

    yetedebeku mrt muzik

  • lamrof 3 years ago

    ይሉሻል ዘፈን። ፦) ሌላው ይቅር ብቻና ጥሩ ሙከራ ነው ልበል።

  • surara2001 3 years ago