This is a new mezmur by Diaqon tiztaw samuel. It is about Ethiopia. Ethiopia is hagere egziabhere. This mezmur tells that. I love this mezmur. I hope you enjoy listing it.

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  • emnetiret 4 years ago

    I am lost. What does ‘Ethiopia is a christian island’ mean? For what it is worth, I am an orthodox christian.

  • waffiki 4 years ago

    please see the pictures as well. one of the the sentence is [ETHIOPIA the land of black people} he hit the nail.

  • dnorwood07 4 years ago

    @waffiki yes yes I liked! The EOTC the original HEBRAIC COPTIC Church founded by the apostles of YAHshua(Jesus).

  • kiduel 4 years ago

    “Ethiopia ye kristian deset nat”

  • RoHama09 4 years ago

    I’m just so amazed by this!!!!Kiduel God Bless You so much for sharing!!!

  • Teslovejesus 4 years ago

    Kiduel, You are the best. Man I will be waiting for you to post a mezmur every week. If wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be listening mezmur at all. Keep it up, you making me a better Christian.

  • ethioaradakonjo 4 years ago

    Excellent Mezmur, God Bless Ethiopia!!

  • masresham 4 years ago

    What an amazing song is it? God bless you Kiduel!

  • danielharg 4 years ago

    እዉነታዉን መደበቅ አያስፈልግም አዎ ኢትዮጵያ የ ክርስቲያን ደሴት ናት …. የቅዱሳን ማረፊያ መጠለያ

  • TheOrthodoxable 4 years ago

    Long life for Orthodox Ethiopia

  • Godiscompassion 4 years ago

    @Teslovejesus God Bless you with His Mercy and Compassion!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Godiscompassion 4 years ago

    @kiduel Thanks Kiduel, God Bless you!

  • tdinsa 4 years ago

    Diacon Tiztaw ya Ethiopia amlak yitabkih God bless you

  • tdinsa 4 years ago

    Diacon Tiztaw ya Ethiopia amlak yitabkih God bless you.all true songs about ethio

  • tudros5 4 years ago

    nice mezmur

  • TheEyukid 4 years ago

    ethiopia edewiya abegziyabihere edewiya

  • yetiagiz 3 years ago

    God bless you!!! nice mezmue

  • Selamhardy 3 years ago

    sooo sooo … proud to be Ethiopian/orthodox!!!!!

  • souljagirl4189 3 years ago