An old lady complains to some good samaritans that a naughty kid is throwing banana peals on hear head from behind the bush. When the victims investigate they are suddenly attacked by a scary gorilla eating just hanging around with his friend. A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world! Social Animal? Here’s a few interesting links: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Pinterest Puppies: Offical Site: Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra cachée la plus comique de la télé!

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  • webeffect 3 years ago

    WTF? You’re pretty sure it’s the British one? Then why are the cars driving on the RIGHT SIDE of the road? Why are the reactions funny? Why is the child actor a regular cast member? Why is the cinematography not garbage? Also why is there SUNLIGHT visible?

  • RetardedSlaughter 3 years ago

    أحبك ياقرد !!

  • dreem999dreem 3 years ago

    كل مآ آطفش آدخل قنآته !

  • XAsurionX 3 years ago

    “I’ve had a breakdown,” I told the lady from the AA.

    “Okay sir, tell us where you are and we will send someone as soon as possible”, she replied.

    “On the M40, heading north, just beyond junction 6.”

    “Okay sir, we will be with you as soon as possible, just stay with your car.”

    What car? I thought to myself, as I threw more of my own shit at passing motorists.

  • SugarCoatedCandyFish 3 years ago

    my bad, you were right. You dont need to get all up on my ass just because you have a pole lodged up yours.
    besides that, i like the british version. And believe it or not, even when it’s cloudy, THAT’S STILL SUNSHINE!!!!

  • R0J0ni 3 years ago

    NOT FUNNY …….

  • tokyodiamondpop 3 years ago

    Mum told me they made mr bean a cartoon so americans can undestand their humor a bit more. I hear they never get the english ones lol. But dont be all mean just becuse you dont get it! Not everything can be YOUR way! jeez everyone calls ppl who collects plushies “childish” but i know somthing worse, ppl getting worked up like a bratty girl who is 5 over a vid!

  • SebastianOnRs 3 years ago

    0:25 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

  • tokyodiamondpop 3 years ago

    I would have known it was a fake gorrila, lol

  • 34comecome 3 years ago

    it was aight….

  • budakcptm 3 years ago


  • bauketekkentut 3 years ago

    00:24 headshot…

  • stanbalo 3 years ago

    shirtless guy is HOT!!!! even if he is a bit older!

  • slowdyve 3 years ago

    it’s ok. you can do better

  • josephvanorsby78 3 years ago

    0:54-My heart!!!

  • MrFaisalllove 3 years ago

    مشكورين على الفيديو

  • RobinDisengage 3 years ago

    I’ve seen this before

  • ArachnoWebDev 3 years ago

    Katniss Everdeen at 0:39

  • BosCeltics5KG 3 years ago

    Yessss mooorreee

  • jacob9919 3 years ago

    That’s exactly what I thought!!!

  • SamBeatBoxer 3 years ago

    Expected bigger reactions

  • SlowDownSmutty 3 years ago

    I love watching people get scared

  • Straumnes 3 years ago

    The other gorilla pranks are funnier, IMO.

  • iMPENETRABL3 3 years ago

    A new low for JFL